How to spend a few bucks to get more bang for your buck in Dublin

How much do you want to spend on a pint of Guinness, or a bottle of Coors Light?

Do you want a bottle or two of vodka or a shot of rum?

You can find it in Dublin’s pubs and clubs, but you can’t buy it at the supermarket. 

But if you want your money to be spent on a variety of products, it’s possible to do so online. 

Dublin’s pubs have an online marketplace for people who want to buy drinks. 

It’s called the Dublin Market, and it’s run by the Irish Wine Association (IDWA). 

In the UK, it is known as the Wine Market. 

“We have a very large wine market in the UK,” says John McGlade, the IDWA’s executive director.

“We have around 600,000 members of the membership, and we’ve had a huge boom since the start of the recession. 

This has been driven by a combination of consumer demand, consumer buying, the new technologies that we have and the need for people to be able to purchase products online.” 

What is a pint? 

A pint is a drink made from three or four glasses of beer, usually white. 

What’s in a pint What is a “regular” pint of beer?

A pint is made from a pint and usually a bottle with a label of Guinness. 

A “premium” pint, like a Guinness or an O’Malley’s, is usually a pint made from six or seven glasses of Guinness and a label with a name like Black Flag or Black Label. 

Is a pint in the same glass? 

Pints are generally served in the glass, but they can also be served in a standard glass and a straw. 

Can you drink a pint if you’re under 21? 

Yes, but only in Ireland, and only in pubs. 

Where can I buy a pint online? 

Online sales are legal in Ireland and across the rest of the UK. 

The Dublin Market has around 300 pubs, bars and clubs in Dublin. 

You can find the full list of venues and the price of drinks by visiting the IDWU website. 

How much does a pint cost in Dublin? 

The price of a pint is set by a bar, club or pub. 

In most pubs and bars, the barman will give you a list of the cost of the pint and the type of beer that you’re ordering. 

Bar staff will usually also give you the cost and the beer type of your drink. 

Some pubs may also charge for extra services like parking. 

If you’re planning a night out, you can choose from a variety, like an after-party, a late night or an early evening. 

Do you have to drink a beer? 

There are no rules that dictate how much you can drink in your pint. 

However, you should drink a bit more than is appropriate for your age, and you should also be careful to follow all the other safety precautions and regulations. 

There is no age limit on drinking a pint.

Do I need to bring my own pint glass?

There are some rules that apply to those who are 21 or over. 

Your drink can only be consumed at home if you have your own glass. 

For example, a pint that has been spiked, which is when alcohol has been added to a drink to increase the amount of the drink.

If you are underage, it can be hard to understand why you’re not being asked for a glass.

“We are very careful that we are not introducing alcohol to children,” says McGlades. 

Why is it illegal to drink in a pub? 

“When a drink is being served in an establishment, it must be served within the premises and there must be a clear sign on the door, as well as a notice that clearly states that the premises is open for alcohol consumption,” says Michael Byrne, the deputy director of the Irish Department of Justice. 

Beer and alcohol can be sold in public, and some bars and pubs offer “free pints” for the public to buy. 

Are there IDWUs in Dublin now? 

While there are IDWAs in Dublin, they are limited to serving alcohol in pubs and not on the streets. 

 Do I need a ID card to buy in Dublin if I’m 21 or older? 

No, and if you are 21 and over, you will not need a card. 

I’m 21, but I’m not a drinker. No. 


We also encourage people to drink responsibly, to drink slowly, and to avoid drinking alcohol in the evening.

We want people to enjoy Irish food, drink responsibly and to have a good time at a party. 

Should I buy an Irish drink if I don’t want to drink alcohol? 

You shouldn’t, but if you do want to have fun with

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