Month: August 2021

‘Dire’ situation for Irish wine growers amid global downturn

The international wine industry is facing a dire crisis as demand for imported wines declines.Source: The Irish News article Market basket for wines from Europe and North America in €1,000 – €1.5 million categorySource: The Independent Market basket of wines in €10,000-€20,000 categorySource the Irish Times market basket of €1 million – €2 million categoryMarket […]

How to create a ‘buzzy’ local marketplace

Next Big Futures has launched its new app, the Japantown Market, in Japan, and it’s now available in Singapore, Singapore’s local supermarket giant Mitchells Fish Market and New York City’s popular Chinese food market Weis Markets.The new app is available on both iOS and Android and has already been downloaded over 2 million times.It allows […]

The Misfits, Garden and Operation Market Garden 2020: What is Marketing?

The Misdogs are the biggest house market in the Middle East, and this year is no different.This year’s garden was the most popular garden in the region, and for the first time, it was a Middle Eastern market.The Middle East’s biggest market in terms of the amount of participants, which makes it the most important […]

How to beat your health insurance premiums: Why you should keep your plan

A lot of people have questions about their health insurance coverage.How will they pay for it?Will it work?Will they qualify for a discount?What if I have a pre-existing condition?How much will my coverage cost?What’s the catch?Here’s what you need to know about your health care coverage and the premium that you might pay.Read More »

What will happen to the fresh markets in Toronto and Vancouver?

The markets in the two largest cities of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area are being transformed, according to a new report.The report, titled Fresh Markets in Toronto: The Impact of New Management and New Markets, says Toronto’s new management team is changing its ways and has been looking to replace the market with more […]

What you need to know about the China stock market market’s latest surge

Chinese stocks are still trading at their record highs after a surprise plunge on Wednesday.But they are on track to exceed those heights again as the market continues to recover from a record-breaking collapse.The Shanghai Composite is the most widely traded Chinese stock market index.It traded up 2.6% Thursday and is up over 8% since […]

Asia’s food market is set to hit $3 trillion in 2020

The Asian food market in 2020 is set for a $3 billion increase, according to a market forecast published by a group of international companies, a market research firm and a global food trade association.The report by the China-based Association of Global Food and Agricultural Trade, released Wednesday, said the market for Asian food products […]

What you need to know about Bitcoin and the future of money market fund trading

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is one of the most popular digital currencies in the world.But while Bitcoin has attracted some big names to its ecosystem, it is also known for its volatility.Bitcoin volatility is due to the fact that the currency is not backed by any government, unlike traditional currencies like the US dollar.That means there […]

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