How to create a ‘buzzy’ local marketplace

Next Big Futures has launched its new app, the Japantown Market, in Japan, and it’s now available in Singapore, Singapore’s local supermarket giant Mitchells Fish Market and New York City’s popular Chinese food market Weis Markets.

The new app is available on both iOS and Android and has already been downloaded over 2 million times.

It allows shoppers to order online, view their selections and pay in a variety of local currencies, including Singapore’s RMB, Chinese Yuan and Hong Kong Dollar.

It has the ability to display price tags and prices and will be available for users to scan and add to their shopping carts.

It also has a section that allows shoppers the ability not only to place their order online but also to order products in-store.

“The idea of Japantsown Market was to create an online store that could be more attractive and more convenient than any of the online stores in Singapore,” said James Riggs, co-founder and CEO of Next Big.

“We have seen an enormous amount of growth in the number of merchants, the variety of their products and the variety and sophistication of their service.”

The app has the potential to become an important player in the Chinese-language market, and has been launched in China and Taiwan.

It offers the opportunity to order in-person from local suppliers, which are usually in large cities and towns.

“It’s the first Chinese market where we have a local shop that’s actually available for the Chinese people, and for the Japanese people,” said Ms Riggs.

“That’s why it’s such a good model for the JAPANTOWN market.”

For more on Next Big, watch the video below:The new Japans Market app has been designed by Next Big and is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Read Next Big’s story on Next BIG:  The first Chinese-to-Japanese food market in Singapore is set to open its doors next monthThe new Next Big Japanas market is set for its official opening on December 1.

“We’re not going to be able to compete with the huge Chinese markets that have grown,” said Mr Riggs when asked how the new store would stack up against other local markets.

“But if we can do something that’s a little bit different, we think that it’s a good platform to start.”

He added that the Chinese market would benefit from being a little more international.

“For example, the Chinese are the biggest consumers of Japanese-style ramen and Japanese-styled sushi.

So it’s really important that we can get a good local market for the local market in Japan,” he said.

The Next BigJapanas store is set up in the same space as Weis markets and Weis has been busy preparing for the opening.

Its new online store, which will be used by many of the retailers that already have branches in Singapore and Taiwan, will also be available at Weis stores in New York and New Orleans.

Weis also has branches in Tokyo, Beijing and Singapore.

 Next Big is hoping to partner with Weis in the future, but has yet to be determined whether the Singaporean and Taiwan branches will be a part of the deal.

Next Big also has plans to launch a retail outlet at a Japanese grocery store, but that project is currently being shelved.

Next BIG is also planning to introduce a Chinese-based e-commerce platform that will allow shoppers to pay for their goods online, with a digital checkout option available.

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