Why Google wants to change the internet for everyone

Google wants everyone to use its new search engine, and it wants everyone who’s willing to pay for the privilege to be able to.

The company, which announced its intention to buy the search-engine business for $1.9 billion on Monday, has long said that its search platform, Google, is fundamentally a service that people can use to find things and to learn about them.

Its core purpose, according to a statement posted on the company’s blog, is to provide a free and easy-to-use platform for sharing information and creating great products.

The company has been pushing hard to do that for years, and now Google is finally starting to deliver on that promise.

To that end, Google is trying to make the search platform more like Facebook or Twitter, where people can create profiles and then share those profiles with other users.

That will help Google more easily attract users and make the service more convenient for those who have more than one account, Google said.

To do that, Google has been making it easier for people to post comments on their posts and to share those comments with others.

And in the past few weeks, Google added features that will allow users to rate a post or link in a comment or in a search query.

The more ratings a post has, the more relevant it is to the user, Google says.

“It’s an incredible thing for people,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s chief executive.

“It will bring people into our world.

It will be a tremendous benefit to our users, to our business, and to our society.”

On Monday, Google unveiled a new feature that will let people rate the quality of a product or service in real time, and then click on links to see how much they’ve spent.

And the company said that in the future, Google+ will let users create profiles on which they can post their thoughts and opinions.

It also has plans to bring Google+ to more mainstream platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, including in the coming months.

It has also been working on its own version of the Facebook Messenger app, but Google has yet to announce that.

But the big question remains: Can Google make the product for everyone who wants it?

The answer to that is an open question.

The big question is: Can it make it more broadly useful?

In Google’s statement, Zuckerberg said that it was “committed to delivering a better search experience to all of our users.”

“As a leader in search and technology, we’ve made it clear that we want to build the best search experience on the web,” he wrote.

“But as a leader, we also want to make sure our users are getting the very best experience possible.”

Google has not said how many people will get the new search experience.

It does not make its search results available to people who don’t already have accounts on the service, which means some people may be left out.

But the company says it plans to make those search results public in the next few months.

Google has also said that the search feature will be available in other Google apps and services like YouTube.

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