What to know about a controversial street grill on the city’s Market Street

Posted February 01, 2018 06:17:03 After months of discussion and debate, a controversial grill on Market Street in Sydney’s CBD has finally closed its doors.

The controversial grill, which was painted yellow in a bid to show the city how many dogs there are in the area, has been on the market since last July.

The grill was set up by the local animal welfare organisation after it was revealed the dog-owners had over-crowded their pet shelter.

The organisation says it’s been inundated with emails and phone calls, and a number of people have reported being harassed by other dogs on the street.

It was not immediately clear why the grill was not closed, and it has been unclear if the grill has been taken down, though the city has said it’s aware of the situation.

But the city says the animal welfare group’s actions were “not in keeping with our community values and practices”.

“We have taken the decision to close the restaurant,” a spokesperson for the city told news.com.au.

“We will not be supporting the continued use of the grill.”

The spokesperson did not elaborate further on the reasons for the closure.

The group says it has received many calls from customers in the past few days who said they were harassed by dogs on Market, but that no complaints had been made to them.

“Some of the complaints that we have received include: ‘They’re going to eat your dog and then throw it off the building’,” the spokesperson said.

The restaurant has also received numerous calls about dogs being injured or hurt during the operation.””

There’s also a number who have contacted us saying that dogs were being kicked on the sidewalk, thrown in the air and hit by police cars.”

The restaurant has also received numerous calls about dogs being injured or hurt during the operation.

“In our opinion, the use of this grill by this animal welfare organization was not in keeping a safe environment for the welfare of dogs and the community,” the spokesperson added.

“As such, we are no longer allowing dogs to be kept on the premises.”

The grill has attracted widespread attention in recent weeks, with people calling for the owner to be banned from the street and for the building to be closed.

“I can’t eat that grill anymore, it’s not safe for me,” one customer told the ABC.

“It’s disgusting.”

“I don’t want to be around this dog on the road anymore, I don’t like the dogs on that street, they don’t know how to behave,” another said.

The Australian Veterinary Medical Association, which represents the animal health profession, said it was “disappointed” with the decision.

The Victorian Government has not commented.

“The animal welfare advocacy group responsible for the animal control on Market has made an extraordinary and unqualified attempt to raise the issue of animal welfare on this street,” the Victorian Government said in a statement.

Victoria has a strong and diverse animal welfare community and a strong reputation as a safe and caring city.”

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