Irish stock market sees sharp fall as banks sell their shares

Markets have fallen on the back of fears that Ireland’s banks are selling off the stock market in an attempt to save their balance sheets.

The European Central Bank and its allies have already signaled that they will support a plan to lift the borrowing limit and help stabilise the country’s banking system, while the European Commission is set to unveil a €1.7bn aid package to help the Irish economy.

Markets fell sharply after the ECB announced its support plan for Ireland.

It said the country would get an extra €1bn of aid this year and that the bank’s debt ratio would be reduced from around 95pc to 75pc.

Ireland has had its banking system in crisis for a decade, with the Irish government unable to recapitalise the banks and its banks unable to meet repayments on the loans they have borrowed from the European Central Banks.

The Government has been forced to issue billions of pounds of bonds, many of which have been used to prop up its economy.

Ireland’s finance minister, Brendan Howlin, said on Tuesday that he expected the banks to sell their stakes in the stock markets as part of a restructuring plan to save the country.

“We are not going to allow the banks or any of their shareholders to be held hostage,” he said.

“The Government has given them an ultimatum to sell the stocks.”

Mr Howlin said he would meet with the European Union’s chief negotiator over the bailout package.

He said that the ECB’s plan to boost the borrowing cap, which is expected to be approved on Thursday, was a way to stimulate the economy.

The move comes at a time of political tension between the Government and the European commission over the debt crisis and the banking sector.

The Commission’s plan has been criticised by Irish banking experts, who say it is a “black hole” for the banking system and is likely to result in another bailout for the country that would not be necessary if the ECB does not lift the debt limit.

Ireland is not the only European country where banks have sold off their stocks.

Earlier this month, the Dutch bank BNP Paribas said it was selling all of its shares in its shares of Deutsche Bank.

The ECB said it would help banks meet the debt limits.

The Irish government is keen to hold onto the banks’ shares as it faces the prospect of a €50bn bailout package from the EU.

Irish finance minister Mr Howling said on Wednesday that Ireland was not in a position to rely on the European banks to meet its debt burden.

“It’s not the ECB that’s the problem.

We’re going to get a big injection of funding from the ECB to stabilise our banks and to provide some relief for the Irish taxpayer,” he told The Irish News.

“Our banks are solvent and we’re not going back into a liquidity trap.”

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