How to market Mindy Mae’s Market to her husband

By Tim RitchieA former model and now husband of the late Mindy Munroe has made her own way into the Australian fashion world.

Ms Munroe’s husband, who is a celebrity photographer, Mark Munroe, has sold over 100 items to Australian retailers and a few fashion magazines.

Ms McNeils husband is also a celebrity in Australia.

He has a photo shoot in Sydney every three weeks with the Sydney Morning Herald, which has a large online following.

The Munroe family is very close to Mindy.

She says her husband is always up for a shoot with her and is a fan of her.

“He is a huge fan of me, so when he was looking for a photo of me and I had just come back from a photoshoot, he called me up and said, ‘I just want you to come up and meet my wife for a picture.’

And I said, I’ll come up,” she said.

Mark Munroe is also known for his work as a model.

He has appeared in several magazines, including the Daily Mail, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar.

“He’s one of the biggest names in modelling, he’s a huge star in Australia and he’s got some of the hottest women in Australia,” Ms Munroe said.

“So when he came to Australia he didn’t expect it to be like this, but I think he was just surprised at how good it is.”

Ms Munroes husband, Mark, has had a career in fashion, and has also been a model and a photographer.

“Mark’s been in the modelling industry for 30 years, he was the first Australian to ever do a shoot in a Parisian fashion house,” Ms McNeil said.

Ms Maunroes family and her business were also very supportive.

“When Mark and I met Mindy at the Australian Fashion Week, I was really honoured and privileged to be invited to be a guest of Mindy’s,” she added.

Ms Maunroe’s business has been thriving for more than 10 years.

She has a good clientele, and is also active on social media, where she is known for her fashion posts and social media posts about her business.

“She’s really well known on Twitter, she’s got a huge following on Twitter,” Ms Maunroes mother, Ms Louise McNeilly, said.


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